(Sapporo-85/Town Walk 4)日本美味しいもの巡り Japan delicious food and wine tour


Odori Park, the park in front of the TV Tower.  It was used for the marathon and walking race for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and now that the restoration work was complete, the grass was laid and it was completely back to normal.  It is scheduled to reopen next month.


すすきののシンボル、ニッカウィスキーの「ヒゲおじさん」あるいは「King of Blenders」。夕陽が当たり輝いてている。そろそろヒゲおじさんの時間?

"Uncle Beard" or "King of Blenders" of Nikka Whisky, the symbol signboard of Susukino.  It was shining in the evening sun.  Time for the uncle beard?



The sun was setting in the direction of Mt. Teine.  Toasted with beer.


There are many antennas of broadcasting stations on the top of Mt. Teine.  the number of these antennas is said used as the eyesight test for Sapporo children.  There were about twelve.


Kerner (white) from Ochigabi Winery.  The repeat purchase.  A crisp white typical of northern region, but also has complex flavors suitable for both before and during meals.

It was the first full harvest moon in eight years.  Harvest moon is August 15 or Semtember 15 in the luna calender or September 21 in the solar calendar.  In the year 2021, the harvest moon and the full moon were the same day.  The moon was occasionally obscured by clouds, but looked up at the sky and could see it perfectly.


今夜は、すすきの ・ケルン本店からテイクアウトしたチーズフォンデュ。チーズ、白ワイン、キルシュがセットになっている。ケルンとオチガビのケルナーとのマリアージュ


Tonight had cheese fondue took out from Cairn Honten.  It came with cheese, white wine, and kirsch.  A marriage of Cairn and Kerner (white) from Ochigabi Winery.

In Switzerland, only had raclette and hadn't had cheese fondue in a long time, but had it every time came to Sapporo.  The shop was pleasant and delicious. After all, face-to-face service was important.



On the way home, impulsively bought some Maritozzos from "Sapporo Cote D'Or".  It seemed a confectionery shop that "Wakasaimo Honpo" of Toyako was running.  Couldn't help comparing these with Maritozzo from the Sapporo Grand Hotel.





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