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今日は、歩いて円山へ。標高225 mの円山の周辺地域で、麓には円山公園北海道神宮がある。地下鉄東西線の円山駅がありアクセスも良く、カフェも点在する近年人気のエリア。


Today, walked to Maruyama. This is the area around Mt. Maruyama, 225 meters above sea level, with Maruyama Park and Hokkaido Jingu Shrine at its foot.  The area is easily accessible from Maruyama Station on the Tozai Subway Line, and has become popular in recent years with many cafes.
Hokkaido Jingu Shrine was established in the early Meiji period as a shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and other gods, in order to fortify the Ezo region against Russia, the enemy at the time.  Later on, it led to the establishment of other shrines in foreign lands such as Sakhalin Jingu, Chosun Jingu, and Taiwan Jingu.



There are two approaches to Hokkaido Jingu Shrine. The first is Omotesando (Kita 1st street) in the north of Oodori Street, and the second is Ura-sando (Minami 1st street ) in the south.


The Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium was in front.  It was built by Kishichiro Okura, the second generation of the Okura Zaibatsu (concern), with his private money.  An unnamed 307-meter-high mountain owned by the Hokkaido Jingu Shrine then was also named "Mt. Okura-yama".  Not many Sapporo born people know much about.


定番となったセコマ・G7のシャルドネと、「ワインショップ・フジイ」のおすすめワイン「Alta Maria」のピノノアール。

Alta Mariaは、映画「サイドウェイ」でも紹介されたサンタバーバラにあるワイナリー。映画で推奨されたことで米国のワイン市場を変えたと言われるピノノアール。

Came home and had a G7 Chardonnay from Seicomart and a Pinot Noir from "Alta Maria", a winery in Santa Barbara featured in the movie "Sideways".  Pinot Noir became very popular in the U.S. wine market after recommended in a movie.  This wine was recommended by Wine Shop Fujii.



Dusk was getting earlier and earlier in the north county.


お家ディナーは、「豚と焼き茄子のメキシコ風ラグー(Ragoût de porc à la mexicaine)」。合わせたのはローヌの「Domaine de Rochambeau」のシュナン・ブラン(白)。これもワインショップ・フジイのおすすめ。

For dinner at home, had "Mexican ragout with pork and grilled eggplant (Ragoût de porc à la mexicaine)".  Paired it with a white Chenin Blanc from "Domaine de Rochambeau" in the Rhone.  This was also recommended by Wine Shop Fujii.


The recipe was chef Johnny's original one as usual.


再びAlta Mariaのピノ・ノワール。北国では、カベルネよりピノが合う。

Pinot Noir from Alta Maria again.  Pinot went better than Cabernet Sauvignon in the north county.



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