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Returned to Tokyo after the short time living in Kyoto.  Realized that home was the best place, so had two kinds of pasta and the favorite wine on the rooftop.
One was a cold pasta with cherry tomatoes, Genovese pesto and mozzarella cheese, and the other was a hot pasta with cherry tomatoes, onion, bacon and garlic.  The cherry tomatoes were from Kumamoto and had a rich flavor.




The wine to match was Cakebread's Chardonnay, 2014.  Located in Rutherford, Napa Valley, California, Cakebread Cellars has been in business since 1973.  This is a cool North Coast Chardonnay.  The region has a temperature difference between day and night due to the strong sea breeze from San Pablo Bay.  Malolactic fermentation has softened the acidity, and the wine is complex and aromatic, with concentrated flavors of apple and pear fruit, minerals, and spices.  Delicious.  Found out the soil is shallow and the roots of the grapes cannot extend deep into the ground, so all the energy goes to the fruit, resulting in concentrated flavors.



After dinner, had Rhone E. Guigal bought by dozen. The Rhone blend is a well-balanced of several varieties, easy to match with food, moderately sweet, and good after dinner, so if not sure of the choice, would recommend it.

翌日「小さな村の物語イタリア(La vita del piccoll borghi d'italia)」という番組のアマルフィ版を見ていたら、サレルノのそばのアルボリのレストランの物語が紹介されていた。ブルスケッタで有名なレストラン。

The next day watched the Amalfi version of the program "La vita del piccoll borghi d'italia", and the restaurant in Alboli near Salerno was introduced.  The restaurant seems famous for its bruschetta.


アルボリ村のレストランの名前は「バーアルボリ(bruschetteria albori)」。

The name of the restaurant in the village of Albori is "Bar Albori" (bruschetteria albori).


ナポリから高速に乗りサレルノで降りてすぐのところ。前回ナポリからアマルフィに行った時には行けなかった。来年は行ってみよう。「小さな村の物語イタリア」は前回バローロのワイナリーにも伺った際に参考にした番組。別の番組だがアマルフィの「Lo Scoglio da Tommaso」に行く時も参考にした。

It's just off the highway from Naples at Salerno.  Couldn't get there the last time went to Amalfi from Naples.  Will try to go there next time.  The program "La vita del piccoll borghi d'italia" was a good reference when visited a winery in Barolo last time.  Also was a reference when visited "Lo Scoglio da Tommaso" in Amalfi.


Immediately made the own bruschetta with prosciutto, garlic, small tomatoes and cheese, and enjoyed it on the rooftop.  The first attempt of making the own bruschetta.  The wine was yesterday's cakebread.   Believe that could try many different bruschetta dishes in the future.


Started off the evening with a bottle of Shirakiku from the Shirasugi Brewery in Kyotango.  It was a little fizzy.  Remember when Aramasa Number 6 was also a little fizzy.  It became expensive to buy now.



Bonito tataki with green onions, garlic, and ginger..



With sashimi.



Also had "Takizawa" from Shinshu Meijo in Nagano Prefecture.  Nagano has a high level of sakes, including Masumi.





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