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Dinner on the rooftop before the rainy season starts.  A blend of Traminer and Kerner from Hosui Winery in Iwamizawa.  A well-made wine, but a bit sweet.


Jambalaya.  A Louisiana dish.  It is said to have originated from paella, brought by the Spanish during the colonial period.

日本ワインで乾杯した後は、カリフォルニア・ナパのStony Hill、ゲヴュルツトラミネール(Gewürztraminer) 2018年。一昨年に訪問した際に買ったもの。ライチやトロピカルフルーツの香りに、酸味が優しいがカリフォルニアらしく果実味はしっかりしている。後味はスッキリで、バランスが良い為全く飲み疲れしない、すなわち飲んでしまう。美味しい。しばし、ナパの素晴らしい自然の中にあったワイナリーの思い出にひたるひととき。

After toasting with Japanese wine, had Stony Hill, Gewürztraminer of vintage 2018 from Napa, California.  Bought this when visited the year before last.  Lychee and tropical fruit aroma came to the nose, with a gentle acidity, and was fruity as was typical of California.  The aftertaste was clean and not tiring at all, so drank it up.  It was delicious.  For a moment, lost in the memory of the winery that locates in the wonderful nature of Napa.



Today's main dish was a Mexican taco.  Healthy with chicken and a small amount of tortillas instead of a taco shells,  used turkey meat in Hawaii in January.


The taco mix was organic, from pWhole Foods.  This is all needed to make it taste right.


さて、メインに合わせた白ワインは、スペインのRaul Perez。品種はゴデーリョ。マドリードの北、カスティーリャ・イ・レオン州醸造方法は昔ながらの手法を採用し、アンフォラを使用。発酵はアンフォラやぶどうに付着した野生酵母で。調べると、Raul Perez(ラウル・ペレス)は“メンシアの革命家”と呼ばれる天才的醸造家。ガルシアの地でBodegas RaulPerezを立ち上げたとの事。

The white wine I paired with the main course was Raul Perez's Godello from Spain.

締めは赤ワイン、Duckhornのメルロー、ヴィンテージは2013年のもの。Duckhornは、メルローの素晴らしさに魅了されナパ・ヴァレーのメルロを世界に広めたワイナリー。複数の畑のブドウをブレンドして生み出す複雑さと柔らかさが魅力。熟したチェリーのアロマ、甘いスパイス、オレンジの皮、煙草のニュアンスも感じる味わい。 少しナツメグのノートもあり、甘やかで食後のデザートワインにぴったり。


The last wine was a red wine, a Duckhorn Merlot, vintage 2013.  Duckhorn is a winery that was fascinated by the excellence of Merlot and introduced Napa Valley Merlot to the world.  This wine has the complexity and softness that comes from blending grapes from multiple vineyards. The wine has ripe cherry aromas, sweet spices, orange peel, and a hint of tobacco.  There is also a slight nutmeg note, making it sweet and perfect for after dinner. According to the winery's website, the 2013 harvest was early and a great year.  The warm and dry spring created ideal conditions for flowering and fruiting, and the moderate heat apparently allowed for perfect ripening.  The quality of the grapes was outstanding throughout the Napa Valley.  An evening spent on a rooftop in early summer, enjoying wine to the heart's content.




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