(Honolulu-24)ハワイ美味しいもの巡り Hawaii delicious food and wine tour


On a sunny and pleasant morning, had breakfast while looking out over the beach from the lanai of hotel.


観光客が減り、ワイキキのビーチにも自然が戻ってきた。海で泳いでいると水面に顔を出したホヌ(海亀)に出会うし、ビーチではアザラシ(Hawaiian monk seal)が休んでいる。

As the number of tourists has decreased, nature has returned to the beaches of Waikiki.  While swimming in the ocean, saw a honu (sea turtles) peeking out of the water, and a hawaiian monk seal resting on the beach.


For dinner, started with Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire in France.


Baby spinach salad with orange colored beets on top.



Next was a Pinot Noir (red) from La Crema, California.  Aromas of black plum, cherry, rhubarb, and hints of earth and loam.  Flavors of red plum, raspberry, and blood orange are underpinned by distinctive river stone minerality and savory umami character.  Plush and richly textured with juicy yet balanced acidity and integrated toasty barrel spice.



Poke tofu appetizer.  Diced tofu with sesame oil, topped with spicy poke from Foodland.  The taste is mellow and delicious.  Poke is easy to make in Japan (if want to make), but think the Hawaiian poke has a special magic spice in it.


Wines bought by half dozen, an elegant wine with aromas of black cherry, cassis, plum, vanilla, oak and a hint of chocolate.  In the glass there are lush flavors of cherry, cassis, blackberry and chocolate. The Cabernet Sauvignon evolves with each sip.  This is a graceful wine with great balance and a long, lingering finish.  Enjoyable upon release, this wine will reward those with the patience to lay down a few bottles.



Pork chop.  Took out from "Towairaito" restaurant in Sapporo and loved it so much that made it in Hawaii and served it with garlic rice.  It was delicious.
ポークチャップには色々なレシピがあるようだが、今回は下記のレシピを利用。ただしこのレシピを「とわいらいと」のイメージに合うように調整、(1)ワインの代わりに日本酒 (2)大蒜を少し追加 (3)醤油も少々追加。

There are many recipes for pork chop, and this time used the following recipe.  But adjusted this recipe to fit the image of "Towairaito" dish by (1) adding sake instead of wine, (2) adding a little garlic, and (3) adding a little soy sauce.




Didn't use it this time, but here is a recipe for American pork chop that found by searching.  The amount of powdered seasoning used is amazing.  Always feel that there is a big gap between health-conscious/organic foods and junk foods in the US.




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