(Honolulu-22)ハワイ美味しいもの巡り Hawaii delicious food and wine tour


Passing through Ala Moana Park at dusk, headed for Kakaako, which is undergoing remarkable development.  What was once a warehouse district is now a major trend-setting hub.  On weekends, the farmers' market and Whole Foods are quite busy, even with the Coronavirus disaster.  During our stay in Hawaii, we avoided restaurants and only used self-catering and take-out.



Online ordering and takeout of dishes from "Istanbul", a new and reputable restaurant in Kakaako.  The restaurant serves Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.  Since it was the weekend, the place seemed to be packed both inside and out, and there was a waiting line at the entrance.  During the stay in Hawaii this time, avoided restaurants and only used self-cooking or take-out.



Not only "Istanbul", but even small sandwich stores in the U.S. allow customers to order and pay for their sandwiches online, and they will even let customers know when they are ready.  This has many advantages for both the restaurant and the customer, as there is no time wasted and no stress.  In Tokyo, many restaurants only accept take-out by phone, and payment is made in cash, an analog process.  This must have been a lost opportunity for the restaurant and a risk for fictitious orders.  The Japanese style is to offer cheap, same quality and delicious food without tipping though.


Appetizer (MEZE).  MEZE is a small plate appetizer in the Middle East, Greece, and North Africa.


ワインはラ・クレマ La Crema 2018 Chardonnay (Sonoma Coast)。洋ナシのフレーバーでオーキーなカリフォルニアスタイル。メロン、ピーチのフルーティでフレンドリーな白ワイン。

Concentrated pear flavor and generous oak combine for an approachable, easygoing experience of varietal character in this likable, well-distributed wine. Melon, peach and Meyer lemon add to the fruitiness and balanced weight, the grapes from several vineyard.



Mediterranean-style salata.


Sliced lamb and saffron rice.

赤はナパ・アレクサンダー・ヴァレーのカベルネソービニョン2018年。ミディアムボディでフルーティ、タンニンは滑らか。生産者はケビン・ホール。カベルネソービニョン、メルローカベルネ・フラン、マルベックとプチ・ヴェルドのブレンド。ブラックチェリー、カシス、プラム、バニラ、オーク、チョコレートのアロマ。 バランスが良く、余韻も長くエレガント。

The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic Alexander Valley wine with medium body, great fruit flavors and smooth, structured tannins. Winemaker Kevin Hall added 6% Merlot for structure, a touch of Cabernet Franc for floral notes and Malbec and Petit Verdot for color.

This is an elegant wine with aromas of black cherry, cassis, plum, vanilla, oak and chocolate. In the glass there are lush flavors of cherry, cassis, blackberry and chocolate. The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon evolves with each sip. This is a graceful wine with great balance and a long, lingering finish. While fruit forward upon release, this wine will reward those with the patience to lay down a few bottles.



Eggplant and saffron rice.

キャンティ・クラシコの赤。色調はルビーレッド。黒系果実、スパイス、バニラの含みを持つ。 バランスの取れた酸味、タンニン。丸みがあるふくよかな口当たり。サンジョヴェーゼ80%、メルロー15%、カベルネソーヴィニヨン5%。美味。

Red wine from Chianti Classico.  Ruby red in color with hints of black fruit, spice, and vanilla on the nose.  Round mouthfeel with a balanced acidity and elegant tannins with a long and pleasant finish.Blend: 80% Sangiovese, 15% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon.


チキン(Chiken Shish)とサフランライス。さすが世界三大料理の一つ、美味しいトルコ料理

Chicken (Chiken Shish) and saffron rice.  Delicious Turkish food, one of the world's top three cuisines, as expected.




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