(Honolulu-26)ハワイ美味しいもの巡り Hawaii delicious food and wine tour


It was a little windy, but was another beautiful day in Waikiki.


ホテルの部屋では、「Scenic Hawaii」という各島の空撮ビデオをTVで流している。ダイアモンドヘッド付近の空撮が目を見張るほど美しい。

In the hotel room, an aerial video program of each island called "Scenic Hawaii" is shown on TV.  The aerial shots of the Diamond Head area are stunningly beautiful.



The inside of Diamond Head cannot be seen from the flights between Japan and Honolulu, but it can be enjoyed from the flightsbetween the U.S. mainland and Honolulu.



For lunch, went to "Blue Water Shrimp" on the hotel grounds.  Since the hotel room was being cleaned, decided to eat out for the first time in a long time despite COVID-19 environment.



Spicy Garlic Shrimp with Brown Rice and Potato Salad.  Hawaii is known for its garlic shrimp.

部屋に戻り、まだ陽が高いラナイで頂いたのは白ワイン。カリフォルニアはセントラルコーストのソーヴィニヨン・ブラン Justin SAUVIGNON BLANC2019。以下ワイナリーのサイトより抜粋。



After returning to the room, had a glass of white wine on lanai where the sun was still high.  The following is a summary from the winery's website.

"Our Sauvignon Blanc reflects the diversity of the climates and soils in the Central Coast that range from the cool, limestone-laden Templeton Gap area to the warmer, sandy, river-influenced eastern regions.  We’ve combined sauvignon blanc grown in vineyards with diverse climates and soils to give our JUSTIN Sauvignon Blanc a full, textured palate with bright citrus and tropical fruit with a hint of fresh herbs balanced with a crisp, refreshing mineral structure.  The result is a wine with a refreshing summer aperitif."

This is correct, it was a refreshing example of Sauvignon Blanc



Sunset over the yacht harbor.

今宵は、カリフォルニア・ソノマのSIMIシャルドネ(白)でスタート。多くのワインショップやレストランで見かけるクオリティの高いワイン。香りはシトラス、レモンの皮、蜂蜜。味わうと、リンゴやマシュマロ、ナッツが広がる。 酸味もちょうど良いし定番にしたいカリフォルニア・シャルドネの一つ。

Tonight, started with a SIMI Chardonnay (white) from Sonoma, California.  This is a high quality wine that is available in many wine stores and restaurants.  The hue of this Chardonnay is a brilliant light straw color.  The nose opens with expressive notes of citrus, lemon peel, crème brûlée, and honey. It all comes together on the palate with yellow apple, lemons, roasted marshmallow, and hazelnut.  The mouthfeel balances a vivid acidity with a cool minerality on the finish.



Baby spinach salad with a variety of dressings to keep it interesting.


Vongole Bianca pasta with asari clams (medium size clams) bought at Foodland.


Today's recipe for Vongole Bianco pasta was by Chef Mamoru Kataoka.




His other recipe uses anchovy sauce, but this time didn't add anchovies and simply made it with more clams.



早々に白を空け、リーズナブルなピノ・ノアール(赤)に。カリフォルニア・セントラルコーストの「Folly Of The Beast Pinot Noir 2018」。クジラのエチケットが可愛い100%ピノ・ノワール。とあるサイトから抜粋。



Emptied the white early and went for a reasonably priced Pinot Noir (red) "Folly Of The Beast Pinot Noir 2018" from California's Central Coast, 100% Pinot Noir with a cute whale etiquette.  This is a summary from the website.

"It’s our mission - our madness, if you will -to consistently deliver impossibly good 100% Pinot Noir at an unrivaled price. To create this white whale of the wine world, we went to California’s Central Coast - where the foggy mornings and cool evenings have a favorable effect on the heartbreaker grape. A certain amount of skill and tenacity is essential to produce a Pinot of this stature - and Folly of the Beast is proof that a little madness pays off. Aged in 33% new French oak for 12 months to enhance notes of sweet spice, this round Pinot pairs nicely with pork, poultry and cheeses."

It was also the perfect match with tonight's Vongole Bianco pasta.



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