(Sapporo-46/Le Gentilhomme)日本美味しいもの巡り Japan delicious food and wine tour

クリスマスイブ・ディナーは、札幌老舗フレンチの名店「ル ・ジャンティオム」からテイクアウト。夕方に伺った時はお店は未だ営業前だったが、他にもクルマでピックアップに来たお客がいたようだ。

Christmas Eve dinner was taken out from Sapporo's well-established French restaurant "Le Gentilhomme".  When visited in the evening, the shop was still before business, but there seem other customers who came to pick up by car.


Hors d'oeuvre menu.



Hors d'oeuvre for 2 people is actually a volume for 4 people.  It was prepared like New Year's "Osechi" dishes.


It's Christmas Eve, so borrowed a classic silver tableware for use.  British vintage from the 1800s.


For wine, procured Saint-Emilion Grand Cru at the nearby Seicomart.  Since visited Saint-Emilion September last year, feel close to it.


"Beef simmered in red wine" before transferring to a plate.  One pack for one person.  It was so voluminous and had plenty of hors d'oeuvres that couldn't eat all.  The soft and melty texture was truly from "Le Gentilhomme".


"Beef stew" taken out from "Towairaito".  The western-style taste with a rich tomato sauce was perfect for rice.  Enjoyed a fulfilling Christmas dinner.


Coronavirus infection cases in Sapporo seems converging at the moment due to the success of refraining from going out and shortening the store hours.  Although the government continues to request refraining from going out until January 15th next year, the request of shorter store hours of Susukino area restaurants ends on December 25th, and the request of closing cabalets to be relaxed to the request of shorter hours.  Hope they overcome the coronavirus snowstorm by slow driving and repeating accelerators and brakes.




As infection cases in Japan are much smaller than in Europe or the United States, it is unnatural for the government to restrict people's movements or even requesting to refrain from going out.  There are even plausible explanations that medical systems have limited capacity during the New Year days.
Seems that problems and intentions unique to Japan are hidden, in order to avoid further burdens on some medical institutions fighting coronavirus on the front line, will continue to use the takeout services of restaurants as much as possible.




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