(Tokyo-26/Chez Soma)日本美味しいもの巡り Japan delicious food and wine tour


To Nakane's French restaurant "Chez Soma". It's a restaurant that has been around for a long time, but this is the first time to visit.



A great lunch course that costs less than 2000 yen for everything from appetizers to desserts.  Forgot to take photo of the menu inside, so took it outside, because of light rain hard to read.


As hard to see, better one from their homepage, slightly different though.



Glass wine is their house wine from Languedoc for both red and white.  Red is mainly Grenache, white is mainly Chardonnay.  It's a low-priced wine, but can enjoy the taste of the old world, and good for drinking at home.  Recently, Languedoc wines are becoming more and more delicious.  A region with a mild Mediterranean climate and high production grapes, and active in organic farming.  Without being bound by the strict rules of Burgundy and Bordeaux, they can freely make delicious natural wines, so can enjoy encountering various favorite wines.

前菜1: 鶏レバー入りのパテドカンパーニュ。2種のマスタードとの組み合わせが良い。

Appetizer 1: Pate de campagne mainly made of chicken liver.  Good combination with 2 types of mustard.

前菜2: タコのマリネ、バジルソースがけ。周りはビーツのソース。柔らかいタコと適度な酸味が食欲をそそる一品。

Appetizer 2: Marinated octopus with basil sauce.  With beets sauce.  An appetizing dish.

メイン1: 豚肩ロースのポアレ、マスタードソース。塩加減や火の通り方、脂の入り方も良く美味しい。

Main dish 1: Poele of pork shoulder loin, with mustard sauce.  The amount of salt, the tine of grill, and the amount of fatty  are just right and it's delicious.

メイン2: 鯛のポアレ。皮目は香ばしく、中はふわっとしている。食感、塩加減、焼き加減、全てがちょうどいい。フランス料理の教科書に出てきそうな、このお店を代表する一皿。

Main dish 2: Sea bream poele.  The lenticel is crispy and fragrant and the inside is fluffy.  The texture, saltiness, and baking are all just right.  A dish that represents this restaurant that seems to appear in French cuisine textbooks.


The desserts are yogurt sorbet, marron mousse, matcha terrine, and pear boiled in red wine.



A long-established French restaurant loved by the local customers.  A high-quality, hospitality restaurant with good taste and service.
Chef Soma holds cooking classes on a regular basis and seems to be enthusiastic about popularizing French cuisine.  It was a time of realizing that these local restaurants keep the quality of Japanese French cuisines.



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