(Special/Chez Johnny night #1)

本日(7/22)のChez Johnnyのブログで、Johnnyさん、春田光治シェフがお亡くなりになったとの悲しいご報告を頂いた。



今夜からの予定を全て変更し、Johnnyさんが愛した材木町のChez Johnnyのお店から明後日に旅立たれるまでの間、3夜連続でChez Johnnyのディナーナイトとし、今までのお礼を申上げると共に、Johnnyさんのご冥福をお祈りすることにした。

On the Chez Johnny's blog today (July 22), received a sad report that chef Johnny, Mr. Koji Haruta, passed away.


Heard that he decided to have surgery for an overhaul of his body before, and would power up after discharge and restart the restaurant in September... But no way...  No words...   Just pray for chef Johnny's soul.  Thank you chefs Johnny for all.

Have changed all plans from tonight and will have Chez Johnny's dinner nights for three consecutive days until the day after tomorrow when chef Johnny leaves the restaurant he loved, and thank him for all the past and pray for his soul.


The photo of chef Johnny's sweet mask when he was young is from "Enchanting Southern French cuisine".  (Still his mask is, otherwise going to get a claim from him in heaven) 


今日はJohnnyさんのためにフランスはボルドーのワインを急いで近くで調達。Haut-MédocのCH Camensacのセカンドの赤を。一番大きなグラスがJohnnyさん用。突然のご逝去に、涙涙の献杯

Tonight, for chef Johnny, quickly bought a French wine, i.e. Bordeaux wine nearby.  Haut-Médoc's CH Camensac second red wine.  The large wine glass is for chef Johnny.  Dedication with tears.


「シェ・ジャニー 春田光治の12カ月」から「グリーンアスパラガスのレモンバターソース」。

From "Chez Johnny Koji Haruta's 12 months" prepared  "Green asparagus with lemon butter sauce".


前回盛岡のChez Johnnyに伺った時に出して頂いた。

Last time visited Chez Johnny in Morioka, it was served to us.


同じく「シェ・ジャニー 春田光治の12カ月」から「ボルドー風サーロインの炭火焼」。初めて安比のChez Johnnyに伺った時に頂き、以降盛岡でも何回か頂いた。家でもいつも作って楽しんできた。

Similarly, from "Chez Johnny Koji Haruta's 12 months" prepared "Bordeaux-style grilled steak (Entrecôte à la Bordelais)".   It was served when first visited Chez Johnny in Appi 10years ago, and was served several times in Morioka.  Have always cooked and enjoyed it since then.



Thank you chef Johnny for everything since Appi.  His life style, his style to face the cooking, everything was so cool.  Please rest in peace.