(Tokyo-19/Chez Johnny)日本美味しいもの巡り Japan delicious food and wine tour


This weekend's menu was the long-awaited  "Cassoulet de Doliques à l'œil noir" to open, from the chef Haruta's Chez Johnny in Morioka.  The matched wines are Chianti Sangiovese (red) and Napa Valley's Stags Leap Chardonnay (white).

When visited Greve in Chianti of Tuscany last year, it was a lively harvest festival going on.

Vegetable first.  Local tomatoes and cucumbers bought bought in Kyotango this week, and carrot rappe by Nagasaki's carrot.  A little oil from the tuna can added.


Forgot to unfreeze the streamed abalone with champagne in advance in the refrigerator, so unfreeze Pelmeni instead, the Siberian dumplings, which were ordered at Chez Johnny previously, and enjoyed them with melted butter and an aged Shekwasha juice purchased at a department store in Naha.


Today's favorite dish, Cassoulet.  Cassoulet is a meat dish that has evolved in its own way in the towns of southwestern France, Castelnaudary, Toulouse and Carcassonne.  The cities that passed by when drove from Marseille to Bordeaux last year.  The origin of the dish is as old as 600 years ago in the Centennial War era in France.  



Distant view of Carcassonne in the light rain (last September).


カスレのレシピは様々だが、いずれもたっぷりの白インゲン豆に数種類の肉類、香味野菜やトマトを合わせオーブンで焼く。今回のシェ・ジャニーのレセピは黒目豆を使ったもので、大変な手間がかかっている。それにしてもなんて美味しいのだろう。シェフの確かな舌と腕で手間暇をかけた料理を頂く幸せ。(製作プロセス: http://chezjohnny.blog18.fc2.com/blog-entry-2671.html?sp)


There seem various recipes, but all use plenty of white kidney beans, several kinds of meat, flavored vegetables and tomatoes and bake in the oven.  Chez Johnny's recipe uses black eye beans and takes a lot of work.  What a delicious dish!   Happy to enjoy the dishes by the chef with best tastes and from his long cooking work.  (For seeing the work: above)

Regret on the recent quick cooking trends.


At the end, enjoy the afterglow of Dutch farmer Gouda cheese and Chianti wine.  After opening a bottle of Sangiovese, its flavor becomes mellow.



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