(Tokyo-15/Bon Chemin-Au Bon Vieux Temp)日本美味しいもの巡り Japa delicious food and wine tour

今日は五本木の「ボン・シュマン(Bon Chemin)」と尾山台の「オーボンビュータン(Au Bon Vieux Temp)」の組み合わせ。どちらも店名のフランス語名に店主の思いが感じられる。レストランは店舗営業の再開に合わせてテイクアウトを中止又は縮小する傾向にあるが、テイクアウトは今後もぜひ続けて欲しい。

Today, enjoy takeouts from both "Bon Chemin" in Gohongi and "Au Bon Vieux Temp" in Oyamadai.  For both shops, the owner's thoughts are felt in their French store names.  Restaurants tend to stop or reduce takeout menus in line with the reopening of store operations, but would like to see them continue in the future.



From Bon Chemin took out "Duck confit" as well taking out  "Stewed Lamb with spices" by consultation with the chef.  Stewed Lamb... is not on the takeout menu.



Au Bon Vieux Temp is famous for its gateau, but the meat prepared side dish, charcuterie are also very delicious.  Recently their customer service has improved dramatically.   Bought some pates and rillettes.


The wines are Prosecco ordered from SeikoMart and the BV Cabernet Sauvignon of the other day.   A little over a day after opening, the Cabernet wine became mild and rich.



Considering the burden of alcohol for the body, recently use inert gas for injecting into and storing the opened bottles when cannot drink up wines or when enjoy several kinds of wines.  Used to use VacuVin (left), but inert gas (right) seems better keep the quality of wines.  A handy VacuVin is still useful when traveling.


ベジタブル・ファースト。自家製のキャロット・ラペ(左)、ルッコラとトマトのサラダ(右)。 ルッコラは鎌倉産。

Vegetable first. Homemade carrot rappe (left), arugula and tomato salad (right).  Arugula is from Kamakura firms.



Next, Cayette (left) and Terrine de Voraille (right) from Au Bon Vieux Temp.  Voraille is duck and cayette is a French hamburger dish, both are favorites.



Main dish 1 is Bon Chemin's duck confit.  Following the chef's instructions, sautéed it on the pan for about 10 minutes before serving and stir fried the potatoes with the duck oil.


Main dish 2 is stewed lamb with spices with couscous.  Also add stir fried Kamakura spinach with butter. Full of Moroccan scents, and want to have it with Harissa provided at Chez Johnny on the other day.


Bought Au Bon Vieux Temp's charcuterie frequently just as purchasing at bouchers, and this time, dishes from Bon Chemin may also join to the dining table.



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