(Tokyo-12/Le Bourguignon)日本美味しいもの巡り Japan delicious food and wine tour

今日は、西麻布の旧テレ朝通りにあるフレンチレストラン「ル・ブルギニオン(Le Bourguignon)」からテイクアウト。

Today, took out from the French restaurant "Le Bourguignon" on the old TV Asahi street in Nishiazabu.



From the take-out menu on weekends only, ordered "Beef cheek meat stewed in Madeira wine", "Challandais duck and foie gras wrapped in pie", "Beef tripe stewed in tomato", "Burguinion meat terrine".


合わせたワインはスパークリング(カヴァ)とボルドーChateau de LouillacのPessac Leognan。昨年訪れたボルドーのワイン博物館(シテ・デュ・ヴァン)でテイスティングして気に入り購入したもので、カベルネソーヴィニオンにメルローブレンド。現地価格で20+ユーロ、このクラスのワインが料理をしっかりと支えるフランスは、やはり食が豊か。

Matched wines are Sparkling wine (Cava) and Bordeaux Chateau de Louillac's Pessac Leognan. Tasted the Bordeaux wine at the Wine Museum (Cite du Vin) in Bordeaux, which visited last year, and bought it there.  Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot.  At a local price of around 20+ euros, this class of wines well support the local cuisine in France, very rich in foods and wines.


At the tasting room on the top floor of Cite du Vin, Bordeaux last fall.



Start meals with vegetable, homemade caprese seasoned well.  Mozzarella is a packaged product that was kept frozen, but is delicious when combined with "Amera tomato (from Shizuoka)" with high sugar content.



Next, "Bourguignon Meat Terrine" with homemade carrot rapé.  Terrine is nice and moist and a little wild. Have tasted a variety of pates, and this is one of the best balanced and is perfect for baguettes and wine.


"Beef tripe stewed in tomato" with home prepared Fusilli pasta.  Like pates, tasted a variety of restaurants' tripes, the Le Bourguignon's tripes retain elasticity and are juicy and fresh, making them good for even appetizers.


The main dish is "Beef cheek meat stewed in Madeira wine".  Madeira wine of Portugal is one of the world's three major fortified wines, along with Porto of Portugal and Sherry of Spain.  Compared to stew with red wine, stew with Madeira wine has a good scent and is very deep in taste.  For some reason move chopsticks by following the memory of foods enjoyed in the past.  It's like a complicated tastes of Pinot Noir.


The last dish, "Challandais duck and foie gras wrapped in pie" is for the next time.



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