(Tokyo-11/Qui rit guerit-Chez Johnny)日本美味しいもの巡り Japan delicious food and wine tour


Today, took out from French restaurant, Qui rit guerit, in Yutenji.  The restaurant restarted hall services but continues the take out services as well.  Very fortunate as can keep enjoying foods in relaxed manner at home's balcony.



Fir pairing with today's dishes, two wines were purchased from Seijo Ishii Supermarket.  Rosé d'Anjou from Loire Anjou, one of France's three major rose producing regions, and Pinot Noir Croix Saint-Jacques from Burgundy.  The latter is similar but different from Chambertin-Clos Saint-Jacque, and it's winery was restructured by a brewing consultant, Michel Rolland.  He seems advising 100+ wineries in the world. 



The chicken liver mousse and pork rillette are also from the Qui rit guerit's charcuterie set.  They go well with burgundy Pinot with nuances of wild strawberries and cherries.


Pate de campagne and salami, of course with Dijon mustard.



The main dish is "Beef honeycomb tripe (trippa) tomato stew, estragon flavor", ordered from the French restaurant "Chez Johnny" in Morioka previously (the first time order).  It is the ultimate French home cooking and the most favorite dish in the world.



At the same time, orders  "Momo" from Chez Johnny.  Googled that Momo is originally a small dumpling in Tibetan culture and now is known as Nepalese food.  With the chili sauce included in the package, feel like going to Nepal, which never been.  Realize and admire the width and depth of Chef Johnny's skills and knowledges of worldwide cooking.


最後にル ・コントワール・オキシタン風に自作したポテトグラタン。数日前にに作って置いておいた分、チーズ(コンテなど)の香りがポテトにしっかりと移りとても美味しい。

Lastly, homemade potato gratin in the style of Le Comptoir Occitan.  As it was prepared and kept a few days ago, the scent of cheese (comte etc.) is firmly transferred to the potatoes and it is very delicious.



Enjoyed the best of the best French dinner.



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