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コロナウィルス対策でstay at homeが続いているところ、かねてより再訪したいと願っていた盛岡のレストラン「シェ・ジャニー(Chez Johnny)」がお取寄せメニューを始めたことをブログで知り、早速お取寄せ。

  Chez Johnnyは、1960年代〜80年代に渋谷神南で営業していたフレンチの草分け。ジャニーさんは慶應大学を出て料理人の道へ、ボルドーで修行。ジュネーヴ大使の公邸付き料理人をつとめた後、1969年渋谷にお店を開くが、何故か絶頂期に閉店。安比高原に移住され何年もの間、釣りや狩猟三昧の生活をされたが、再開を待ち望む声に応え、1997年安比の自宅を改装してレストランを再開。最近アクセスの良い盛岡市に移転。安比時代からの大ファン。

While "stay at home" policy is continuing for containing coronavirus, found out from the blog that the restaurant "Chez Johnny" in Morioka, which always wanted to revisit, started the shipment service.  So ordered them immediately.
Chez Johnny was the pioneer French restaurant operated in Shibuya Jinnan in the 1960s to 1980s.  Chef Johnny graduated from Keio University and went to Bordeaux for training.  After serving as a chef of the residence of the ambassador to Geneva, opened a restaurant in Shibuya in 1969, but closed for some reason at its peak.  After moving to the Appi resort area, chef Johnny lived a life of fishing and hunting for years.  But in response to the long-awaited voice, he reopened the restaurant at his home of Appi in 1997.  Recently moved to Morioka City for better access.  Favorite restaurant since the Appi era .



Published in 1981, chef Johnny's "Enchanting Southern French Cuisine" is still a French home cooking bible.



This time, ordered bacon, brandade de morue (French Languedoc cuisine) and stewed tripe with tomato sauce.  (The reason Chinese is on the menu is chef Johnny has been addicted to Hong Kong recently)


まずはアスパラガスのレモンソース。最近出版されたジャニーさんのレシピ本「シェ・ジャニー 春田光治の12ヶ月」から自作。

As a starter, asparagus lemon sauce.  Cooked it at home from chef Johnny's recently published recipe book "Chez Johnny, 12 months of Koji Haruta".



合わせるのはオーボンクリマのシャルドネ。New Worldだが安心して楽しめる。

Paired with Chardonnay wine from Au Bon Climat.  It's New World, but can enjoy it with good foods.


次にChez Johnnyからお取寄せした塩鱈のブランダード。バゲットに合わせるとさらに美味しく、食が進む。

Next, brandade de morue from Chez Johnny.  Tastes even better by matching with baguette.



Then, stewed tripe with tomato source also from a Chez Johnny.  The most favorite dish for long time.




Paired with Tuscan red.  A blend of 60% Sangiovese, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot.  One of the bottles bought at a winery next to a Tuscan hotel last September.  Very solid and strong red wine.
The wines that go along with traditional foods must be from the Old World.


Podere La Chiesaワイナリーのぶどう畑。

Vineyard at Pondere La Chieda winery.



For the last dish, cooked "Bordeaux-style steak" from chef Johnny's recipe book.  Beef marinated in olive oil, seasoned with 0.9% salt by weight of meat, served with chopped shallots and herb butter.  The recipe has also become a standard in recent barbecues at home garden.



Very delicious, happy and was satisfied.  Hope to revisit Morioka soon.



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